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Skydivers Jumping Form an Airplane

Skydivers Jumping Form an Airplane


Skydiving is one of those exhilarating things that us humand have been doing since the 60's, and it just seems to be gaining momentom. No matter where you are, whether you do it solo or tandum, it just doesn't seem to lose its thrill no matter how many times you do it! Bring the experience home - and safely - with our series of skydiving wall decals!


Plan mesaures 18 inches wide by 15 inches high.

Skydivers measure about 4 inches wide each.

Parachuter measures 9 inches wide by 11.5 inches high.

Other Info:

You will receive one airplane, seven jumpers, and two parachuters in the above listed dimensions. These skydiving wall decals come separately so that you can place them however you choose! Practice decalsare included with every order.


Printed on-demand at high-resolution with environmentally friendly solvent inks for scratch resistant, higher density and a wider color gamut. All on our premium, self-adhesive fabric material or vinyl, that is wall safe and can be removed and re-used hundreds of times without damaging the walls or your mural.

*images and color are for display/example purposes only and may not reflect the actual size and/or color of the item

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